Club Championship Standings

Following the latest race (Ilkley Trail Race) the Club Championship standings have been updated. Head on over to the Club Championship page to see who’s leading the pack.

Spring Handicap

See below for the full results listing (if the spreadsheet doesn’t load first time, just refresh the page). You can also view a few photos of the very hot and bothered looking runners here.  

Toronto GoodLife Fitness Marathon

You’d never believe it from looking at me, but later this year I’ll be classed as a veteran for most if not all of the races that I enter. It occurred to me some months ago that I would like to qualify for the London Marathon via a good for […]

Leeds Half Marathon – 14/05/2017

After not enough sleep as per usual and wolfing my breakfast down due to me sleeping in, I pick Dean up and our short journey into Leeds city centre begins. We parked at my work and make the 10 minute walk up to the Headrow. At this point I expected […]