Club Championship – Update

The current standings following the July races (East Leeds 10k & Arthur James ShakERR) have been updated and can be found in the usual place here . There has been some confusion surrounding the August races for the Club Championship. As you may be aware, 2 races initially selected for the […]

Race to the Stones 2018 – Race Review

Race to the Stones 14 July 2018 By Mark George Race to the Stones is a 100km race along ‘The Ridgeway” which is apparently Britains oldest road/trail. It is part of the Threshold Trail series of Ultras and 2018 was the sixth year it has taken place. 2018 also sees […]

Leeds Country Way 2018 – Update

It has been a while (6 years!) since the Leeds Country Way Relay route descriptions were updated. We are pleased to let you know that Legs 1, 3, 5, and 6 have now been updated and you can find these via the website. If you plan on running these routes […]

The Blaydon Race

The Blaydon Race A race I’d always said that if I’d been a runner I’d have done – steeped in North-East history, a song to sing at the start which the race then follows the route described in the song, can-can dancers at the end and Jackie Broons bell that […]