Leeds Country Way Hall of Fame

This page is dedicated to those hardy souls who have managed to complete the whole of the Leeds Country Way in a single day. Some of the names are “clickable” and you will find further details of these runs. This may be run reports or pictures from the day.

If you have completed this milestone and would like your details to be added to the “Hall of Fame” please email details of your run here. Please supply as much detail as you can to go into the table you see below. Also any supporting information you would like linking to such as report , photos or strava.

Finally, if there is any information that is not correct and you would like changing, or if you would like to be removed from the list, please let us know here.

Lisa Hessey2022Crossgates Harriers14:45:11
Craig Worley2007Kippax & District Harriers12:14:00
Martyn Hewitt2007Kippax & District Harriers12:14:00
Lionel Theobold???Kippax & District Harriers12:29:00
Les Kitching1993Kippax & District Harriers14:35:00
Jay Kitchen2000Kippax & District Harriers13:13:00
Gerry Waterton1993Kippax & District Harriers14:35:00
Gary Scampton2000Kippax & District Harriers13:13:00
Andy Burns1993Kippax & District Harriers14:35:00
Ann Bath2000Kippax & District Harriers13:13:00
Helen Fenton2017St Theresa's Athletic Club15:30:00
Stuart Gall2017St Theresa's Athletic Club16:22:00
Glen Johnson2017St Theresa's Athletic Club12:03:00
Neal Edmondson2016Horsforth Harriers13:??:??
Mark Smith2016Horsforth Harriers13:??:??
Marc Springer2004Horsforth Harriers12:00:00
Hadrian Knight???Horsforth Harriers???
Hilary Wharam2004Horsforth Harriers16:30:00
Steve Wood2004Horsforth Harriers12:00:00
Peter Wilkie2015Roundhay Runners13:58:25