Club Constitution


The title of the club shall be KIPPAX AND DISTRICT HARRIERS


The objectives of the club shall be:

  1. To encourage the practice and development of amateur athletics.
  2. To provide coaching for members and to organise competitions.
  3. To organise teams to represent the club in championships and leagues, and in such other competitions as the management committee shall decide.
  4. The club shall cater for:
    • Cross country running
    • Road running
    • Road and cross country relays
    • Fell and hill running.


Membership shall be open to persons who are amateurs as defined by the appropriate governing body. There shall be a minimum entry age of 18 years. Each applicant for membership must complete the official application form, and pay the required subscriptions. Members will be required to update their personal details upon request of the committee and/or the governing body. By signing the membership form members are agreeing to personal data provided on the form being shared with the appropriate governing body, other club members and other bodies deemed appropriate in relation to the objectives of the club.

A ‘full member’ is defined as a member who runs with the club for training purposes and/or enters races and events as a member of the club and who is an affiliated member of England Athletics.

A ‘social member’ is defined as a member who attends club social functions only, and does not participate in any club night runs or training events arranged by the club. Anyone who wishes to be included in the latter events must be a full member, or upgrade from Social to Full Member.


The management of the club shall be vested in a management committee, which shall consist of:

  • Chairperson
  • Honorary secretary
  • Honorary treasurer

The above shall be officers of the club, together with a committee of at least 4 members, which shall include:

  • A captain of the male section
  • A captain of the female section

All the forgoing shall be elected at the annual general meeting and remain in office until the annual general meeting of the following year. The committee shall have the power to fill vacancies if and when they arise. The committee shall have the power to co-opt members for particular projects but co-opted members shall not have a committee vote.


The annual general meeting shall be held in the month of January for the purpose of:

  1. Receiving the annual report of the committee.
  2. Receiving the audited Statement of accounts and the balance sheet.
  3. Electing the officers and committee for the ensuing year.
  4. Electing the honorary auditors.
  5. Considering any amendment to the constitution rules of which due notice has been given to all members. Any proposed change to a constitution rule by a member must be received by the chairperson or honorary secretary at least 21 days prior to the date of the annual general meeting in order that all members shall have sufficient notice of the proposal.
  6. Voting on annual membership fee.

At least 14 days notice shall be given to members to the date, venue, and agenda items for the annual general meeting. Each fully paid up member present at the meeting shall have one vote.


The club shall be affiliated to the following:

  • Any such bodies, as the management committee considers appropriate in order to carry out the objectives of the club.


The amount of the annual subscription shall be:

  • Members over the age of 18 Full Membership of £34
  • Social Members £15
  • Second Claim Members £20

The non-refundable yearly subscription must accompany the application for membership and thereafter is due on the first day of January in each year. Subscriptions of existing members for each year must be paid by 31st March of that year , thus allowing a three month payment period. Payment by 31st March will ensure registration with England Athletics for that year. Existing members who have not paid their annual subscription by the 31st March will be assumed to have resigned from the club. New members are required to pay full subscriptions when joining before 30th June of that year and 50% when joining thereafter.


The honorary secretary or chairperson shall call an extraordinary general meeting within one month of the receipt of a requisition signed by at least 25% of the members stating the purpose of the meeting. At least 14 days shall be given to all fully paid members of the date, venue and the purpose of the extraordinary meeting. No other business shall be conducted at such a meeting.


No constitution rules may be altered, added to, or deleted except at an annual general meeting, or at an extraordinary general meeting called for this purpose, and only by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting.


In the event of the club being dissolved, an independent auditor should be sought to confirm the total value of the club’s assets and oversee the dissolution of the club.

All saleable assets should be sold and included in the total value of the club. On receipt of the final balance the funds shall be distributed amongst all existing fully paid up members based upon the number of continuous years membership.

The share entitlement of each individual member will be assessed on the same proportional basis as their membership fee.