Reminder – This Thursday 9th March is Pub Social Run

Hi All,

Our first Pub Run of the year is to The Boat at Allerton Bywater on Thursday 9th March 2017,meeting at 6.50 for a 7.00 pm start. It will be off road and head torches and off road shoes are advisable.

The main route is 7.5 miles, although a more direct route continuing along the lines of approx. 5.5 miles is also possible. It is a fun run and it  will be a steady pace to suit all.

Please confirm within the next week whether you would like to attend and your preferred option of food (meat or veggie).

Food at the Boat will be around 8.30-8.45.

If anyone is available to transport clothes and bags from the Squash Club to the Boat can they please let me know.

Thank you. 

Regards Paul