Virgin London Marathon 2017

With the Virgin London Marathon just around the corner and what appears to be a large number of Kippax Harriers taking part I thought it would be useful to have everyones information in one place. Whether you are supporting in person in London, or you are following the race via the App all of the information you need should be below.

If your running vest is not displayed and you would like it adding, please email it to


 Name Running Number Start Pen Running Vest
 Kate Penrose 27295 Green
 Nic Ward 51787 Red  
 Valerie Pell 28803 Green  
 Emily Follows 48093 Red  
 Martyn Hewitt 28167 Green  
 Mark George 30638 Green
 Andy Hill 40991 Red
 Paul Durkin 21236 Blue  
 Linda Durkin 11402 Blue
 Helen Smith 43399 Red
 Lee Mitchell 49753 Red
 Zoe Smith 53128 Red
 Dean Brown 21228 Blue
 Melanie Black 7144 Blue